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Memphis Animal Clinic Offers Grooming

Memphis Animal Clinic offers professional pet grooming services to help your pet look their best. Our Memphis groomers take exceptional care of your pet and extend their services to all ages, sizes, and breeds. With numerous services and options, you can tailor your pet’s grooming treatment to your specific desires. Whether you want a simple shampoo or a breed-specific cut and blow-out, our pet stylists provide stunning results.

Memphis grooming services includes: 

  • Anal gland expressions (dogs only)
  • Breed standard haircut or haircut based on owner preferences
  • Dematting
  • Ear cleaning (if there is anything abnormal the veterinarian will be notified)
  • Full bath and brush-out (or blow-out depending on breed)
  • Medicated bath for pets with skin allergies
  • Medicated flea bath
  • Nail trimming
  • Stripping treatment
  • Teeth brushing (not a professional dental cleaning provided by our veterinarians)


Call 222-4711 to schedule your grooming appointment!


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