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Meet The Team


Veterinary Assistant

Dana Moss has been working at Memphis Animal Clinic since October of 2014.  In her spare time outside the vet hospital, she trains pups at Dog Woods Obedience School near the Wolfchase area. Dana has two dogs: Allie, an Obedience Champion who is a Toy Poodle, and Sake, who is a Pomeranian. She also has two cats, Mandy, a black cat who was saved by a good Samaritan and the doctors here at Memphis Animal Clinic, and Rex who was found as a young kitten playing in a run with a Doberman at Dog Woods. 


Vet Assistant


Certified Veterinary Technician

Lindsey has been with Memphis Animal Clinic since the spring of 2015. Outside the vet hospital, Lindsey is spending time with her pets or cycling around the Memphis area with her boyfriend Dan. Some days they may put in up to fifty miles worth of riding. Our veterinary technicians are the watchful eyes and discerning ears, assisting the doctors and catching the details that help diagnose and treat the problems. Vet technicians obtain and record patient case histories; collect specimens and perform laboratory procedures; prepare animals, instruments, and equipment for surgery, assist in diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures, develop radiographs (x-rays); perform dental cleanings and so much more!



Mandy has worked in the veterinary field since 2010 and joined our Memphis Animal Clinic staff in October 2015. Outside the vet hospital, she has an assortment of pets such as fish, birds, dogs, and cats and is a mother of 3. She is very active in her church at Colonial Park Methodist. 


Kennel Tech

Mark Campbell has been with Memphis Animal Clinic for over fifteen years. Mark works hard every morning, (upon finishing his shift at FedEx) to ensure that all of the dogs in Memphis Animal Clinic boarding facility are satisfied with their time away from home. Mark loves his Arkansas Razorbacks, traveling with his wife Katrina, and fantasy football. Mark and Katrina are pet parents to a Pomeranian, Bella Fox. 


Vet Assistant


Groomer, Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany works as a veterinary assistant and as the Memphis Animal Clinic groomer.  She enjoys treating your pet to spa grooming services and looks forward to helping your pets look and feel fresh & clean!


Kennel Manager

Tori is our Kennel Manager and oversees that all the pets boarding at Memphis Animal Clinic are well cared for and loved!

Bobbye & Kelsi

Client Care Receptionists

Miss Kitty

Clinic Cat/Food Tester

Miss Kitty has been here at Memphis Animal Clinic since 2011, when she was abandoned as a one year old with a dangling leg. These days Miss Kitty can be seen eaten things she should not be eating, running as you enter our clinic lobby, or just hanging out with our receptionists up front. In her spare time Miss Kitty loves a little toilet water, canned food, treats, a good box, or just napping in the office that Dr. Tower shares with her. Miss Kitty is appreciative for the life she is given here, and we enjoy her fun little personality.

Mr. Allie Cat

Security Cat

Allie Cat thinks of himself as a greeter during office hours, but when the lights go out, this kid plays the role of security. Allie was brought to us earlier this year since his 103 year old owner (who is a family member of two employees) had to move into assisted living. Allie's sister Bama moved as well, but she does not have quite the personality that he has!

Bama Cat

Office Manager/Cat in her box

Bama is siblings with Allie Cat, but she prefers to hide in the office 23 1/2 hours a day in a bed or box in a corner, and eating wet food to counter with her kidney disease. She loves a good brushing, fresh bowls water, and solidarity.



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