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5 Best Pet Dental Treats

February 27, 2019

Keeping your pet's teeth healthy and in good condition is an important responsibility for any owner.

This is largely because dental wellbeing isn't only about your pet's teeth. Animals who have poor oral hygiene and teeth in bad condition are also more likely to suffer from other health problems, including diabetes, respiratory infections, heart problems, and kidney disease.

Taking your pet to the pet dentist in Memphis, TN regularly, ensuring that she has a professional dental clean at least once per year, and brushing her teeth at home are all very effective ways of keeping her teeth functioning well and remaining healthy. You can also consider giving pet dental treats as a fun way to boost your pet's dental health.

Here are the five best pet dental treats that you should consider giving to your furriest family member!

Dental Chews

Dental chews are one of the most popular types of dental treat, particularly for dogs who love nothing better than something that gives their jaws a workout while also tasting delicious. Dental chews are designed specifically with your pet's oral health in mind and not only do they provide the need for superior chewing action to enjoy them, but they also contain ingredients that have been proven to benefit the dental wellbeing of your furbaby.

Chewing is very effective in helping to deal with dental problems as it encourages your pet's body to produce saliva - his natural defense against plaque acids that cause damage to his teeth. Excess saliva can also help to wash away food debris and bacteria from his mouth before it has the opportunity to cause problems for his dental health.

Dental Sticks

A popular alternative to dental chews, dental sticks also help your precious pet fight stubborn plaque and tartar build-up through the abrasive action of chewing. These sticks are easy for your pet to hold and are available in a wide range of sizes and tasty flavors, making it easy to find one that will appeal to your furbaby. Most sticks are also fairly abrasive, making them additionally useful in that they will also clean away some of the plaque that may be damaging your pet's dental health.

Catnip Treats

Many cats simply cannot resist the lure of catnip, so even if your stubborn feline is usually fairly fussy about dental treats, she may not be able to turn her nose up at a catnip-laced temptation. There are some dental treats that are catnip flavored while some owners buy cat toys that are abrasive on the outside yet have a compartment in the middle for catnip so that the toy cleans your cat's teeth while she tries to get the catnip out - sneaky but ingenious!

Feline Treats

Chewing is primarily known as a canine habit and the majority of chew-based products are aimed at dogs. Although some cats do enjoy chewing too, many owners find that biscuit-based dental treats tend to be more appealing to their feline. These also contain ingredients that are included because they are known for their benefits for your cat's dental health. There are lots of different varieties available, so it is fairly easy to find one that your kitty will enjoy. Flavors include chicken, tuna, salmon, and seafood.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are a fantastic investment. We already know that chewing is extremely beneficial for your pet's dental health thanks to the increase in saliva it causes. However, not only does it encourage saliva production and give your pet something to chew other than furniture or shoes, if you choose an abrasive chew toy it can also rub against your pet's teeth in a cleaning action, removing some of the plaque that may be accumulating along the gum line. Many pets also find chew toys help keep their minds sharp and prevent them from becoming bored.

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