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Frequently Asked Pet Boarding Questions

March 15, 2019

Many people have never boarded a pet before and if you haven't, you undoubtedly have a lot of different questions about the process and how your pet will be cared for.

After all, you will want to be confident that your precious pet is in safe hands when you are apart. We pride ourselves on taking care of the animals staying in our boarding facility in Memphis, TN as if they were our own pets. We are also happy to spend time reassuring you ahead of your pet's stay. Nevertheless, many owners still have many concerns that are not alleviated until after their pet returns home having had a wonderful time in our care.

To help you understand a little more about the boarding process, here are some of the most frequently asked pet boarding questions that our experienced and dedicated boarding team is faced with each time a new pet comes to stay.

Will My Pet Have His Own Space to Sleep and Eat?

This is easily one of the biggest concerns of owners when it comes to booking their pet for boarding. While some animals are very sociable and get on easily with others, there are many that are more solitary and prefer to spend time alone. A good boarding facility will ensure that all animals have their own individual spaces for sleeping, eating, and chilling out, with the option of using communal runs and walks for socialization. If your pet does not play well with others and should be kept separate at all times, makes sure your boarding service is aware of this and can accommodate this requirement at the time of booking.

My Pet Is on Medication, Can Staff Administer This on My Behalf?

Boarding staff understands that pets can get sick too and as such, any reputable facility should be able to accommodate animals that require varying types of medication. Just make sure that you talk to staff ahead of booking your pet so you can rest assured that your pet's medical needs will be taken care of. When it comes to dropping her off, make sure you provide enough of her medication for a few days beyond the duration of her stay along with detailed instructions regarding dosage and administration.

What Will You Feed My Pet while She Is in Boarding?

Nutrition forms a crucial part of any pet's welfare and of course, you will want to ensure that your pet doesn't go hungry while you are separated. It is ill-advised to change a pet's normal diet when they go into boarding as this could cause them to experience an upset stomach. As such, a good facility will feed your pet her standard brand of food. This may be a brand that they already provide, or you may need to provide it for them to serve. If your pet has a special diet, details of this need to be provided when you are booking her in for boarding.

What Will Happen if Your Pet Has a Medical Emergency?

While every effort will be made to make sure that your pet remains safe and healthy while in boarding, in the rare event that a medical emergency does arise, you will want to know that he is in safe hands. Check with your boarding facility what their protocol is should there be a medical emergency. One of the biggest benefits of choosing an animal hospital that offers boarding is that there are veterinarians on site.

What Do I Need to Bring with Me for My Pet when I Drop Him off for Boarding?

Ahead of his stay, boarding staff should advise you which things you will need to bring for your pet's stay. However, typically you can expect this list to include the following:

  • His proof of vaccinations and medical records
  • Any medications with detailed instructions for their administration
  • His food (if you are providing it): enough for his stay plus a few extra days
  • Your emergency contact details
  • A favorite item from home (check with your facility what items are allowed)

Proof of up-to-date vaccinations is absolutely essential as your pet will not be able to board at our facility, or virtually any other until this is provided. This is for the health of all animals in our care, and in the case of zoonotic diseases, the safety of our staff too.

If you have further questions about pet boarding, would like more information about our boarding services, or would like to schedule an appointment to check out our boarding facility, please don't hesitate to contact our vets in Memphis, TN at (901) 272-7411.